Meet Our Winning Hero

Hero: Foster Love Project Founder, Kelly Hughes
Nominator: Laura M.

Kelly Hughes of #FosterLoveProject is my hero. She is selfless, tireless and fearless in her pursuit of raising awareness about the mindset our society has about foster kids. She started #FosterLoveProject, which provides travel bags for children who enter the foster system. Usually, when a child is removed from their home, there is no time to collect clothing, toiletries, or personal belongings for the child. Often the circumstances don't allow for a search for belongings, and more often than not, the clothing is soiled, torn, or the wrong size. Kelly has used local news reports, social media, and word of mouth to foster groups to pass the word along about the need for supplies for these children. Volunteers can choose to purchase and fill a bag for a boy or a girl from newborn up through high school, tag the bag and drop it off at several locations throughout Pittsburgh. Another group of volunteers will gather at the end of the drive to make sure every bag is packed with a pair of pajamas, toiletries, a stuffed toy, a blanket, and a book. They will then properly tag the bag by gender/age and add it to the mountain of bags to be delivered to the local foster care agency. Children are important and Kelly makes sure all of them know it, even during the toughest days of their lives.